Personal: Snow Day!

Some of my favorite childhood memories involve snow. I used to love peeking out the window on winter mornings to find a magical blanket of white just waiting for me to jump in. Growing up in Michigan we experienced a lot of snow! With milder temps here in Tennessee I was sure we would miss out on fun snow day activities  this year. You can imagine our surprise a couple weeks ago when we woke up to snow!!! I think I was just as exited as Eli that morning. We quickly bundled up, grabbed our camera, and rushed out the door to have a little fun in the snow before it melted. It was a lovely morning, and Eli spent the entire time eating snow.  At one point I was worried he was going to get frost bite on his lips- they were blue from all the snow. After our excursion outside we headed to historic downtown and had coffee and hot chocolate. By the time we left the coffee shop all the snow had already melted. Here are some of my favorite pics from our snowy morning – enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s valentine’s day! Even though Eli and I have been pretty sick the last two weeks- we decided to do a little impromptu photo session this morning to wish you a very happy valentine’s day. Go and enjoy this day with those you love! Also, check back soon for lots of new update posts- I have so many photos to catch up on.

The Polizzotto Family Photos

Right before Christmas I had the wonderful opportunity to shoot a mini-session for the Polizzotto family. Hollie and I met at our kids’ music class and when she approached me about doing a shoot before the holiday I was thrilled. I had been wanting to do a shoot at the Factory here in Franklin for awhile and while we were almost rained out, it turned out to be a fantastic day to shoot. The Polizzottos were awesome to work with- their smiles definitely lightened up the gloomy day. Their little man Leighton was cute as a button too! He was happy to explore the the area for the shoot. All in all it was a lovely mini-session and I think we got some great photos. Thanks again Polizzotto family! Here are the pictures from our shoot:

Personal: Update

To some I may have seemed quite recluse the last few months, especially online. I just haven’t been posting and for that I am sorry. I feel like I’ve been writing this post over a zillion times in my mind. I’ve been delaying, and deliberately avoiding writing it down knowing that once I did write it, I would have to post it.

In Oct. we took a family trip out of state, and then moved into our new apartment at the end of the month. November we spent unpacking all the things we had in storage for over a year. It was like a mini Christmas in itself! In the blink of an eye it was time to celebrate Thanksgiving. We were so excited to celebrate thanksgiving in our new place and we felt extra thankful this year for so many reasons -James’ new job, our move to TN, new friends, God’s provision, and we were expecting child #2, or so we thought.

Then, at the beginning of December I found out I was having a second miscarriage. (The first happened in February.) And while it was (and still is) absolutely heart-breaking, I knew I couldn’t dwell on it. I didn’t want to become bitter in my sadness. Strangely, I’ve become more thankful for all that I already have. And while this pregnancy didn’t work out, I am still a mommy to one amazing little boy. So I decided instead of  letting it consume me in grief, I was going to just move on – holding to the hope that the Lord has better plans before me -because I believe He truly does.

The above pic was taken at the Dicken’s Christmas festival in downtown historic Franklin. I almost skipped out on going, I was still pretty sad about the news- I remember even thinking about having James go alone with Eli. But I changed my mind, and I’m so glad I did! I would have missed out on sharing wonderful sweet memories of walking around downtown with my two favorite guys.

The rest of December I decided to try and do as many fun holiday things with Eli an James as I could think of. We went to the town tree lighting and holiday sing, we baked cookies, went to parties, watched christmas movies, decorated the tree, made ginger bread houses, went shopping, and well….you get the idea. It was a lot of fun! And yes, we have a lot more pics to share with you too!

Over the next few weeks I’m hoping to get caught up on editing photos and posts- that is once I stop sneezing. I’m currently dealing with a very sniffly cold – yuck! Please bear with me and check back soon for a TON of new photos, you won’t be disappointed :-)

Vendor Highlight: Music Time with Sara

One hot summer day at the pool, I met Sara. We had only been in the Nashville area for a week and I was looking for things to get Eli and I plugged into during the day. She invited us to try out her music class she offers called Music Time with Sara. Well, from the first day we were hooked! Not only is Sara amazing with the kiddos, but she makes learning about music and rhythm fun for them. She teaches them through different songs, activities and musical instruments. Eli loves going to music class and singing the songs he learns there.

Last week was our music class fall barnyard party! All the kiddos got dressed up, and after class everyone got goodies :-) I had the opportunity to take photos of class that day. Of course a took a bunch of Eli too! It was a lot of fun and Eli came home all tuckered out from the excitement.

Here are some of my favorite photos from the party.


If you’re in the Franklin/Brentwood area and you have young kids check out Music Time with Sara!

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