Personal: Un-planned Fun!

He smiled mischievously at me as he aimed the water at my toes. His giggles could be heard across the parking lot. He ran around the balcony aiming at anything and everything he could find. It was a beautiful moment of joy and I had to capture it on camera- the real one. Not just my iPhone photos that I love to take for sheer easiness. I grabbed my camera excited to capture my little boy being exactly that – a little boy.

You wouldn’t know it but yesterday morning did not go as planned. My snuggly son came into our bed to give us hugs and got sick on top of us daddy in our bed bed. I quickly realized our day wasn’t going to go as planned. I was selfishly bummed that we would have to take it easy and stay near the apartment. It was a gorgeous spring day outside and I wanted to go enjoy it. As the day progressed Eli seemed to be fine – praise God. (Not sure if the getting sick thing was just a fluke or what but I’m happy to say we avoided the disgusting stomach bug.)  And I began to think – just because the day didn’t go as planned doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy ourselves right here, right now. So that is exactly what we did – and it was perfect!

The whole day was a great reflection for me. I began to think about my plans vs. God’s plans and this day was a perfect reminder. How many times does our life not go according to our plans or our wishes? Sometimes we think we are entitled to have things, or  we feel we’ve earned it -only to have those exact things slip away. It’s easy to get mad, frustrated, and feel bewildered. Thankfully, I believe in God and I know He has perfect plans for me and that they will happen at the exact right moment. Even though I can’t see the big picture – I have joy knowing that God does.

Happy spring ya’ll! As a friend put it, yes, I can say that – I live in the south now!

F a c e b o o k