Personal: Rough Start

We’re here! As you know my husband, James, got a job in the Nashville, TN area. We didn’t have a whole lot of time before his start date to get settled so we hit the ground running. We spent about a week in and out of hotels while apartment hunting during the day. Eli loved all the new hotels and places to explore but was not a fan of all the apartment shopping. I don’t blame him- it wasn’t really fun for us either. Luckily we got to have a little fun in between apartment shopping. Eli loved riding on the bag carts. :-)

We decided pretty quickly that we wanted to settle in Franklin, to be close to where James’ job is. In Franklin there is a really cute old town area and a neat building called the Factory. They used to make stoves there but now it has been converted into artsy shops, restaurants. and studios. We had a meeting there about an apartment and while we were waiting outside I snapped some pics of Eli running around. I’m thinking I’ll be back to photograph here again- it was awesome!
A few days into the week Eli woke with a slight fever and I knew instantly he was sick. Poor guy fell asleep standing up and got sick in the car. I felt so bad for him- he was feeling so terrible and we were stuck in a hotel. He was sick for a few days. Later we took him into the doctor who diagnosed him with an ear infection and said Eli may have had strep throat. He was put on antibiotics. The day we took Eli into the doctor I started feeling shivers, feverish, and all I could do was sleep. I went to the doctor the next day and got antibiotics and the same diagnosis as Eli. It was awful and I felt even worse that Eli had to go through this in the middle of our move.
Well, in the midst of all the crazy we finally decided on our apartment. We are moving into brand new apartments at the end of Oct. and have arranged to stay in a different apartment complex for 3 months. Since we don’t want to move all our things twice we decided to just have the bare essentials with us for the next 3 months. It sort of feels like camping to me, but it is a nice apartment complex and without all our stuff we have TONS of room. I do look forward to the day we can move into our new place- can’t wait! Until then we’ll make this one work. Here is a picture of Eli the day we moved into our current apartment.

Now that everyone is healthy again we’ve really enjoyed exploring the area parks, swimming in the pools, and getting to know the people here. Everyone I meet is so friendly- it really makes being new easy. James started his new job and loves it- we feel really blessed for this opportunity. I can’t believe it’s already mid-August, where has time gone?

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