Personal: We’re Moving!

This past year has been wonderful, hard, exciting, and very crazy. It started out as just a temporary stay in Michigan and turned into a year. I’ve had the amazing opportunity to reconnect with my family and friends here in the mitten state and it’s been so lovely. I’ve had so much fun raising my little toddler here and taking advantage of all the wonderful things Michigan has to offer. While we love our family and friends very much, we’ve decided to pack our bags once again. My husband has been offered a great job in Nashville, TN and we are so excited about it! He’s starting his job at the beginning of August and so we’re scrambling to get things packed and settled into a new place. I wish I had time to post more about it but I’m sure I’ll have time soon. Since we’re in the process of moving posts will be a little sparse but I’ll be back before you know with TONS of fabulous pics from the summer. Thank you Michigan for a wonderful year- I’ll be back to visit often, promise!

The above pics were taken over our 4th of July week vacation at my brother’s lake house. My dad took the pic of the left, and the pic on the right is so awkward I love it :-) I’ll post more pics from the vacation soon- stay tuned!

F a c e b o o k