Personal: My Little Man

I feel like just yesterday I was holding your little wrinkly, and tiny hands praying about the kind of boy you would become. I had I had no idea just how wonderful you would grow to be in two short years and how you would continually bless our lives.

Your first year of life was filled with many firsts. Your first bath, your first tooth, your first steps. And while those firsts were important you’ve had some pretty big firsts this past year too. You began to really talk to us and you learned how to sing.  You spent time learning letters, numbers, and shapes. You learned how to paint and how to hang on trees. You discovered your passion for digging in the dirt. You got a car and a bike and learned how to ride them. You know how to go down slides, climb, and jump off things all by yourself. You learned what “time-out” means. You made friends and learned to share – though I think this will be a a constant learning experience. You learned how to use a spoon, to sleep in a big boy bed, and you’ve learned to use the potty by yourself. You grew so many inches, and finally grew more teeth.

I could go on and on about all the wonderful things that you’ve learned to do this past year and all the ways you’ve grown. For one little man you surely have been busy! But you know what? I love you  more because of who you are- my son. And my love is overflowing!

Happy two years Elijah- we love you more than you know :-)


I never did an official 2 year shoot with Eli, but one morning James and I did recently grab some photos of Eli playing by the window one morning that just melted out hearts. Here they are, enjoy!

The above pic is Eli showing off his big boy undies ;-) He also found my old hat from Wildwood, NJ where James and I met. I used to work on the boardwalk at the frozen custard shop- it was a very glamorous job. I think Eli looks better in it anyway don’t you?
And then he just got a little goofy- I love his expressions! What a little nut huh?
These last two slay me- um hello gorgeous!




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