Personal: Catching Up -End of April

Yep I did it again- I have been thoroughly enjoying the nice weather and I completely neglected posting. So without delay here are a few pics from the end of April. (FYI these pics aren’t edited just color corrected.) Enjoy!

Eli loves to help water the flowers- he saw a Curious George episode on growing seeds and now Eli has been determined to plant something. Above are pictures I took of him watering some Easter flowers. Below is a picture James took of Eli doing what he does best- digging with sticks. I think he could spend hours doing this.
James quickly snapped this picture  of Eli and his girlfriend Violet in a rare moment when they both sat still for a minute and let us take a photo. We had lots of play dates this April. They are too cute!
Eli turned two at the end of April. I’ll do a more reflective post on Eli turning two later, but for now here are some pics from our tiny celebration. This year I actually baked cupcakes and decorated them to look like monkeys, since he loves monkeys so much. I was excited that I didn’t mess any up in the decorating process and I was equally excited that they were so easy!
Eli loved his #2 candle and wouldn’t pose for a picture so the above shot is all I have of him with the candle. Thankfully James took the rest of the pictures so I could chase after the birthday boy. When Eli’s aunt and uncle arrived they brought in a HUGE teddy bear. Eli was so excited he had to check it out right away. 
It wouldn’t be a party without some tears right? Eli busted his lip pretty good on the stairs but he still managed to pose and smile for a picture with big bear. Look at his little swollen smile and he’s holding an ice cloth- what a trouper!
Eli loves to help fix things. He pulled out his tools to help Uncle Brad put batteries into his new bubble machine.
He finally got to blow out his candle and dig into the monkey cupcakes.

All in all April was a wonderful month. Up next on the blog will be a recent family/baby session I photographed, our family vacation pics, and a reflective post on Eli turning two. Can’t wait to post more!

F a c e b o o k