Personal: A Day at the Park

We had the perfect day to go to the park. It was sunny and warm for a change. Something inside me knew I would be sorry if I didn’t bring my camera, and reluctantly I packed my camera as we headed out the door. When we got to the park Eli did what he always does. He let go of my hand and ran with delight as fast as his little legs would carry him. He couldn’t contain his joy and was smiling from ear to ear. I watched his signature little toddler run, and found my heart leaping out of my chest with love and happiness. I suddenly became aware of the fact that my little baby is indeed growing up – and it is all happening so fast. Soon he’ll be running into the world ¬†all grown up and I’ll be there cheering him on from the sides. I’ll be wiping a tear from my eye knowing I’ve raised him the best that I could. Someday he won’t need me to hold his hand anymore but that’s ok – I’ll be thinking the same thing I did that day at the park, which was “you’re my son, Elijah, and I love you more than you can know.”

As he ran I took a picture. I wanted to to remember this moment right now- exactly as it is.

I definitely feel blessed because of my child and I’m very thankful that I get to spend the moments I do with him. I thank God everyday for his little life and for bringing him into this world. I’m also glad I took my camera to park- regardless of the harsh mid-day sun-to capture more of these sweet and passing moments. I had no idea what a lovely little afternoon it would turn out to be- and how the Lord would tug on my heartstrings. Here are some more pictures from our precious park day.


I’m finishing up the wedding pics from a couple of weeks ago and will be posting them very soon- can’t wait to share all the wonderful pics. Happy Friday everyone!

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