Personal: Traveling to Northern Virginia & Virginia Beach

After our trip to Bethany Beach we headed back to Northern Virginia for a few days to see family and friends before we headed to Virginia Beach where James had some interviews to go to. We had so much fun seeing everyone and Eli really enjoyed all the fun activities. We were gone for about a month in total if you include the trip to Bethany Beach. I’m beginning to think that we really are a nomadic family :-) Here are some of my favorite pics from the few weeks we spent between Northern Virginia and Virginia Beach.

These first few pics are from when we took Eli to the National Zoo in DC. He loved seeing all the animals especially the gorillas :-)

After the Zoo we took the metro into Chinatown so I could meet a friend for lunch. Eli LOVED the metro – he thought it was a train and made the “choo-choo” noise the entire ride. I am so disappointed that when I was at lunch I forgot to take a pic with my friend Lindsay. It was SO great to catch up with her. The last time she saw me I had Eli in my belly.
These next two were outside of the National Portrait Gallery where we took a little break. Eli loved all the fun city steps in DC.
After a few days in Northern VA we headed to Virginia Beach where James had a few interviews. James’ grandparents have an amazing beach condo that they let us stay at. We decided to make the most out of being at the beach. Their condo sits right on the boardwalk and the beach. The first weekend we were there they were having a Neptune Festival further down the boardwalk so we decided to go check it out before Eli’s bedtime. The music was great, lots of art stands were set up selling things, and it was just fun to people watch. We wished we could have stayed out longer.
The boardwalk has little art things in-between some of the buildings. This one had giant fish and Eli was SO excited!!!!
Eli loved listening to the bands and dancing – he was quite upset when it was time to go.
While we were staying at the beach our good friends the Rondons visited us. Eli loved getting to see baby Sophie again and we all had so much fun just hanging out again. 
Don’t let the pic below fool you- we caught these two giving baby kisses to each other.
Also while we were in Virginia Beach we had the opportunity to hang out with our good friend Amy. I LOVED it!  Amy introduced us to a fabulous little breakfast place called Citrus. If you’re in Virginia Beach and you’ve never been- definitely go! I had the pumpkin pancakes and they were AMAZING! Anyway, here are a couple of pics with Amy. It was late at night and we were at an ice-cream place so disregard the bad lighting ha! 
Our friends the Cohens also live in the Virginia Beach area and I was so excited to see them while we were staying at the beach too! Eli loved playing with little Shane. We spent a nice relaxing afternoon at their house while the kiddos played- they are such a wonderful family :-)
Shane also had a friend named Riley who was there for the day. Shane and Riley are so cute together. I love this pic!
At the beach condo there is a room that gets amazing light and it has a fun red chair that Eli loves. So…I did a little impromptu photo shoot. Eli didn’t really want to sit still but I think I still got a couple of good ones :-)
Eli loved playing in the sand. We tried to get him out there everyday so he could get his energy out. He loved burying his feet and scooping up the sand with his toys.
Eli’s expressions crack me up – here he is trying to have a conversation with me.
After the beach we headed back to Northern Virginia. While we were there we had friends who recently bought a house. We showed up to take photos of them getting into their first home. Here is a pic of James and Eli waiting on the steps.
In the Langley area there is the most AMAZING kid park I’ve ever been to. It’s huge, it has a carrousel, and is super nice. I love taking Eli there every time I have the chance to. Here are a few pics from one of our quick park visits.
Eli has a thing for cars and keys. He could entertain himself for hours putting keys into cars and making car noises while he pretends to drive. So cute!
Well, that’s it for now. Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch and got some fun pics. Hopefully I can have those ready for a Halloween post soon. We’re traveling again this weekend as we go up to Northern Michigan to spend some time with family. Have a great weekend everyone!

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