Personal: Bethany Beach Vacation

At the end of September our family had the wonderful opportunity to go to Bethany Beach for a mini-reunion vacation with friends. I believe the final count of adults was 17? And between families there were 4 kids under 2 years old. It was so much fun!!!! We all stayed at a huge beach house in a private neighborhood where we could walk to the beach anytime we wanted. I hadn’t seen some of our friends for a few years and it was wonderful to catch up with everyone again. It was especially nice to see our guys getting to connect and hang out with each other. In college they were inseparable – almost like their own little fraternity. I also had a great time watching the kiddos play together. Eli learned the word baby and he would wake up every morning on vacation saying “bay-bee!” because he wanted to go play with his little friends. Though James and I took way too many photos- I’ll share a few. Mostly pics of the babies because honestly they stole my heart! (For my personal Facebook friends, I’ll be posting a full album of the pics later – can’t wait to show you!)

Here is a pic of most of us that came- minus a couple- it was the best we could do without a tripod :-)


James, Eli, and I had a 13 hr. drive and when traveling with Eli we mostly travel at night. We got to Bethany Beach in the wee hours of the morning and it was too early to get into the rental house- so we splurged and got a hotel room for a few hours of sleep. It was so worth it! Here is Eli enjoying the huge room- and the park  nearby that we took him to that morning :-)

Once everyone made it to the rental house- the fun really began! The kids went nuts exploring everything and playing together. It was really cute. Here is Addison, isn’t she beautiful?!
Eli loved going in and out the doors and chasing the babies around. To the bottom right is precious Sophie- she is such a sweet and cute little baby- I loved the smiles she gave me!
Typical Eli squishing his face on all the doors, windows, and screens. Ha! :-)
Eli also loved snuggling with just about anyone who would let him climb into their laps. He LOVED all the attention!

Eli is also beginning to be Mr. Independent. He liked to sit in the adult chairs and eat with the rest of us.
Seriously I couldn’t get enough of Sophie- I think she likes me ;-)
I think Eli had a crush on Sophie too! He would bring her toys to play with and would try to stroke her hair :-)
This little cutie below and to the left is Shane- you may remember him from the previous post. He is adorable and fearless! I loved watching him jump off of chairs and listening to his little laugh. His eyes had the most amazing lashes too! To the bottom right is Sophie giggling again because I am just too funny ;-)
Here is Addison and her daddy- she is such a daddy’s girl I love it!
Best friends already! 
I am just SO funny! LOL :-) Love her smile!
Look at this cute little munchkin!!! 
Eli is always curious….
More snuggles from Eli :-)
The decks at the rental house were amazing- the kids loved them too. Eli liked to climb into all the chairs to test them out.
They really had fun playing together- it was so sweet to see them learning to share.
Little toes!
3 out of the 4 babies…
This is the best we could do of all 4 babies- not so easy, good thing they are so darn cute!
Little Addison showing me her new treasure!
Eli didn’t love the beach at first. I think the ocean scared him. But he did love the sand and playing with Addison & Lauren :-)
Look at Shane so cute!
I love this shot I snuck of Hannah and Shane doing a puzzle.
Addison had the cutest little pout- I think she thought I was going to steal her keys. Love her!
More snuggles for Eli!
Our friend Amy brought her pics from college of the whole gang- it was hilarious looking back at everyone!
The last night the guys bought and prepared the biggest feast for everyone- it was AMAZING!!!! 
I’ll end the post with pics I took of Eli on the boardwalk at Bethany Beach. It was lightly raining that day so we decided to go check out the boardwalk. There was a band playing and the lead person was playing a harmonica too. Eli LOVES to dance and play his harmonica so we got ours out and let him join in the fun. He had a blast!!!! He was running around dancing, clapping, and playing his harmonica. He cried and stamped his feet down when it was time to go. I think I have a little music man on my hands!

That’s all for now. I’ll be doing another post soon from our trip to northern Virginia and Virginia Beach. Stay tuned :-)

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