The Cohen Family

I’m so excited to share the Cohen family photo shoot with you! During our fun vacation with GMU friends to Bethany Beach, the Cohens had asked me to do a family photo session. I was so excited that they wanted to take time out of the short vacation to do a photo shoot. I felt especially honored because Hannah is also an amazing photographer too :-)

For the photo session we went to the boardwalk and I was a little nervous because the sun was harsh, it was getting hot and I hadn’t really checked the area out ahead of time. Luckily I have amazing friends who trust me even when I ask them to do crazy things- like going down under the boardwalk to catch some light, or letting their son drench his clothes in a puddle. Yep- they are fabulous friends!¬†Little Shane did so fantastic with the whole shoot too. He was teething and a little sick but you wouldn’t have guessed it. He was all smiles for the camera! I loved his energy and how snuggly he was with mommy and daddy. He really just knows how to have fun! Hannah and Gabe were gorgeous and made my job really easy. I have some beautiful friends! The Cohens are the kind of friends who will go the extra mile just to be there for you. They are kind, sweet, and so much fun. Thank you so much Cohens for your friendship and for letting me photograph your lovely family- enjoy the pics!

A very short but lovely boardwalk :-)
Every kid needs a belly pic right?
He had so much fun playing under the boardwalk- I love his eyes and how they just light up!
I couldn’t resist getting some solo shots of Hannah she is naturally gorgeous and the camera loves her -and so do I :-)
I love the Gabe’s solo shot too!
Having a little laugh between shots :-)
Sometimes a little song is all you need to have a good time!
More kisses!
Look at his little smooch! I love it!
Love this one of Hannah and the colors!
Shane had a great time splashing around- he was so excited, it was adorable!
Thanks again Cohen family- keep smiling!

F a c e b o o k