The Detmers Family

When Devon had asked me about doing a family portrait session, I was incredibly honored and so excited. Devon and Justin are long time friends of mine from high school. I can still remember driving Devon home from cheerleading practice and the way we perfected our hand off in 400m relay. Devon and I lived together in college, we were bridesmaids at each other’s weddings and oh so much more. Not only are the Detmers great friends but they also have more than a few photographer friends that live in the Michigan area- so you can imagine I was touched when Devon asked me to do them!

Last week we did a family portrait session at the Median Historical Village in Okemos, MI. Click here to see the sneak peek pics. Unfortunately the mosquitos were out in full force-but the good news is that we had a lot of fun anyway and I think the pics turned out great. Devon’s daughter Violet did amazing and oh my goodness she is ADORABLE! The Detmers are expecting their second child in Novemeber. Is it terrible to say that I have gorgeous friends? The Detmers really are a beautiful family inside and out and I’m so glad I got to capture that on camera. Here are a few- well okay more than a few- of my favorite pictures from the shoot. Enjoy!

Violet was teething- but she was still all smiles!
I brought along a chair to use for the shoot- of course we broke the rules and let Violet stand on the chair ;-)
I wanted to do a few head shots of everyone- I was too short to get Justin’s at the right angle so I had James take Justin’s head shot :-)
Devon & Justin look perfect in this background- of course Violet is cute as a button too!
We think Violet is convinced her little brother is a belly button- here she is showing us where her belly button is.
Violet also loves to stick out her tongue…here she was attempting to kiss daddy
They had a great little stair case at the historical village. I loved that it was white and the way it looked with the brick siding. Violet looks so precious in these next two.
I think Devon is the most beautiful pregnant lady I’ve ever known- seriously look at these next two- absolutely stunning!
Devon & Justin- you two are perfect for each other!
We let Violet pick a flower or two…shhh don’t tell!
It was a hot and tiring day- but daddy is good for resting on :-)
Violet is never too tired for a game of chase though!
Violet did amazing even with all the bugs – I love this next shot and her expression. I think she was inspecting a mosquito bite- poor girl.
She had a little fun with mommy’s sunglasses- I got a kick out of her! Isn’t she a doll?!
I love these family shots with the sun bouncing around…
This was too adorable not to post- Violet was saying “hi” to her baby brother!

I had such a great shoot- thanks Detmers family for allowing me to share these precious moments with you- I can’t wait till the baby gets here too!

F a c e b o o k