Big News-We’re Moving!

I’ve been purposely procrastinating on this post. There is so much I want to say but it’s hard to articulate these things into words-so I’ll keep it simple….Danielle Kanka Photography is moving to the East coast!

For those of you who know me personally, you also know that this news is bittersweet. I love California- I really do! Besides the gorgeous sunshine, weather, and beautiful hiking- I love the dear friends we’ve made here. It’s sad to think about leaving all this behind -but I also know that moving is what is best for my little family right now. Though we’re sad to think about all we’re leaving behind we’re excited to for James’ new work opportunities and to be closer to family and friends on the East coast. We haven’t nailed down our specific place of residence yet but we’re working on it. We are however moving out of our current place by the end of the month. Right now we’re swamped with packing, organizing, and selling things in order to make the move happen. So…this means the blog posts will be sporadic for awhile, I may not be answering my emails as quickly as I’d like to, and we’ve got a LOT to do! (Attention Brides: If you’ve booked me for a CA wedding this summer, I have already emailed/contacted you regarding details- the move will not change anything for you and your wonderful wedding- I’m so looking forward to shooting the big day!)

One thing about moving that I absolutely hate is packing….it’s a lot of work and adding a little one into the mix certainly slows down the progress. But I’ve found that it’s also a good thing because it forces us to get rid of all the extra things we really don’t need. We get to un-clutter and start fresh- I do like that! Below are pics of my little man “helping” us pack- he was quite the serious little guy this morning.

For those of you who are curious- we’re thinking that we’ll end up in the DC/Northern Virginia area.  For now Eli and I are heading to Michigan to visit and stay with family while James is interviewing in DC.  Wish us luck as we begin this new and crazy adventure!

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