Personal: Uplifted

James and I have been having doing a little soul searching this week. We’ve been discussing our goals, how we’ll help each other meet them, how our dreams have changed, and where we see ourselves within the next year or so. To me these kinds of discussions are so important and often go ignored because life’s busy-ness gets in the way. Over the last few weeks I was starting to feel tied down and a little stuck in the direction I was headed- after our conversation/s I began to feel uplifted, lighter, and dare I say….excited?! I’m so thankful for my husband and that I can have these open and candid discussions with him. On that note check out the below photos- he’s truly feeling uplifted ;-) (p.s. please excuse my no makeup/lounge wear look)

Today I’m hoping to do a little photo shoot for a contest entry- wish me luck!

Happy Friday everyone I hope you are uplifted today!

F a c e b o o k