Updating the Website & A Typical Morning

I can’t believe it’s been a week since I’ve last posted- where does time go? Over the past week I’ve been hard at work creating new banners for the web page, updating my info page, cranking out emails, and doing a major update of my portfolio page. It may not seem like much but when you throw a teething, tumbling, 9 month old into the mix I’m pretty happy about what I’ve accomplished so far. I was going to wait to mention my updates until I had finished my portfolio page. But since things never go as smoothly as planned my portfolio page update will have to wait until next week to be revealed. For now you all can just “ooh” and “ahh” over my info page and banners. Ha! But seriously if you have time check out my new package pricing here on my info page. I’m pretty excited about it, especially the new Baby Bundle Portrait Package– I can’t wait to start booking these sessions!

Last week I also had some fun with Eli and captured some photos from one of our typical mornings. You may be wondering what happens on my typical morning with Eli? Well here is a brief rundown….

  • I make breakfast (oatmeal & blueberries)
  • I chase Eli out of kitchen
  • I sit down to eat & Eli steals my blueberries (I mean who can resist those big blue eyes when he comes over and pats your leg for his favorite fruit?)
  • Eli climbs around the furniture
  • I run after Eli to ensure he is only climbing on the “safe” furniture
  • Eli falls down & cries
  • I console Eli & we share a few giggles
  • Eli finds something interesting on the carpet and tries to eat it
  • Eli cries as I take strange item out of his mouth and declare “This is NOT food!”
  • Eli finds something noisy to bang on
  • Eli pulls every book out of the stack, I read him one book, and he decides he wants to read (flip the pages of) the rest for himself
  • Eli plays with his puzzle pieces and tastes each one before throwing it to the side
  • Eli pulls every toy out of his basket
  • Eli has a meltdown
  • I place Eli into crib for nap, put away all the toys & books, and enjoy 1 hour (if I’m lucky) of uninterrupted me time :-)

Whew- he’s definitely an active little fella. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I love being his momma- and here are just a couple of pics from one of our sweet mornings. You can even see the blueberry stain still on his lips. <3

Also this week I had a fun mini photo shoot session with two lovely babies. I’m in love with the photos and can’t wait to share them here on the blog- stay tuned!

F a c e b o o k