My Favorite 2010 Photos of Eli

As many of you know, Eli was born in the spring of 2010. I mentioned earlier that 2010 for me was all about change- and change is exactly what Eli brought to our family. Who knew that I could feel so much love so instantly to one little man? From the beginning he stole our hearts. He also showed us how to live selflessly and put others’ needs before our own. Being a parent can be tough and feel un-glorious at times- but the love is what makes it all worth while. I feel so blessed for the changes Eli has brought to our family this past year. He is dearly loved and we clearly are obsessed with taking photos of him.

Last week when I began pulling my favorite pics from 2010 I quickly saw the need to break my photos up into two posts- there were just too many. So this post includes my narrowed list of 2010 favorites of Eli. I have hundreds of pictures of Eli and honestly I love every single one of them but I had to lay down some parameters or this would be a never ending post. I tried to keep the pictures Eli focused so very few have people other than Eli in the pics. (The ones that do have someone else in the pic were just too cute and I couldn’t resist posting- hey I’m allowed to break my own rules right?!) I also tried to narrow it to those only from photo shoots- or I would have TONS of pics. (I may have snuck in a few candids but for the most part these are all photo shoot pics.) So that got me to this set of photos. I love all of his little expressions- he is truly our little joy!

These next couple were shots James took shortly after Eli was born.

These next 3 I took of Eli between 1 and 2 months old. He was such a little peanut!

These two were an impromptu photo shoot that I did. Eli is about 3 months here I think – I love my guys’ expressions
The below pics are Eli between 3 and 4 month old (I think?)- James took the one on the left which is one of my all time favorites!
James did this next set of pics. Eli is between 4 and 5 months for these shots. I love his facial expressions :-)
The next set were from a fun photo shoot I did with Eli on our bed- he was 4 1/2 months for these pics. For some reason I just love the way hoodies look on little ones. And the blue just seemed to pop on Eli. I also love the way the big spoon looks in his tiny grip- so cute! 
These next two were just for fun shots that we took spur of the moment. I took the one on the left and James the one on the right. Eli is about 6 months in these pics. To see the previous post where these two pics and the shoot above were featured click here
I took this shot one day while Eli was getting some much needed belly time. I decided to do a mini session and Eli wasn’t too thrilled about it. His eyes are so intense-ha!
This next one James took while we were out exploring Hollywood with friends. Eli was just hanging out and enjoying the sights and sounds of the Chinese Theater. Eli was about 5 months here.
These next couple of photos were my attempt at a fall/halloween shoot with Eli. Eli was 6 months here. Again it was on our bed but Eli loved getting dressed up and playing with pumpkins. To see more of the pics from this shoot click here for the full post.
This next shot was taken in the car while we were all touring SoCal with my brother & sister in-law. Eli was about 7 months and too cool in his shades. I used the pic in my Thanksgiving post. To see the post click here.

These next few are a mix of pics both James and I took while my brother and sister in-law were visiting for Thanksgiving. I just can’t get over his bright blue eyes. To see more pics of this fun week click here.
This photo was taken the week before Christmas. It had been pouring rain for days. Finally the sun came out and we all had to take a peek. Eli is 8 months here. James took this lovely little sunny pic. To see the post and more pics click here.
I took the next couple of pics during our attempt at a holiday family photo shoot. Eli was teething and not exactly happy to have his pics taken. We still managed to get a few good ones though. Again he is 8 months in these pics. To see all the pics from this family shoot click here.
These pics were taken on Christmas morning-Eli’s first Christmas and he finally had two teeth! What a cutie he was with his new toys. Check out the full post on Eli’s first Christmas here.
The next few photos were taken by both James andI while my parents were visiting the week after Christmas. Eli had so much fun playing with Grammy & Grampy and cruising around the Los Angeles area. He loved chewing on his new toys and walking around with us on our adventures. Click here to see all the great pics from that week.
These next two photos were ones I took while Eli was crawling around one day. He is 8 months in these photos and I loved his expressions. I never got around to posting them elsewhere so I’m excited to post them here. For these pics I was testing out a new method of focusing that I’ll post about later. I think the pics came out great- thanks to Eli of course!

As I write this post today Eli is trying to get over major cold. He has been sleeping through the night since he was 3 months and only wakes up if there is something wrong. So when he work up last night coughing and with a stuffy nose- I knew he must feel pretty yucky. All I wanted to do was cuddle him and make him feel better. Even though he kept waking up periodically throughout the night -he still somehow managed to wake up with a big smile. This is just one more reason James and I are completely head over heels for beautiful boy. So glad he’s not grumpy like his momma when he’s sick ;-)

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