Fall & Apples

I love the way fall smells. I know it sounds crazy, but I can smell the seasons. And fall is one of my favorites. The leaves, the cooler temperatures, bon fires, sweaters, hats, plaid…I love it it all. And yes, I think I can smell it! Now that we live in Los Angeles I’ve noticed the seasons look and feel a little different. Since there are more palm trees we have to go up to the mountains to get the full effect of the changing leaves and seasons.

This past weekend our friends Amy & Joel took us to the apple orchards up in the mountains. It was so much fun! The weather was perfectly cool and the apple orchards were adorable. We took our cameras and had lots of fun snapping candid fall pics in between pickings. We got there a little past the prime apple picking time but there were still plenty and the guys had fun taste testing. Eli loved looking around at all the new scenery. It was a great little excursion, and it was wonderful to be reminded a little bit of the east coast fall foliage. Below are some pics from our weekend fun:

The apple farm had a really cute set up with some old shacks and gardens for kids to play in. We decided that it was a great spot for pictures too! Below are some pics from one of these little play areas.

James took this shot and I love it! It’s a take off of the pic with the old farmer and his wife-I think Joel & Amy nailed it!
Amy snapped these fun family pics for us- we hardly ever get pictures of all of us together so I was thrilled when Amy offered to take a few. This was one of my favorites :-)
After the apple farm we went to a nearby apple barn store. They had all kinds of apple butters, ciders, and such. Outside they had a nice old wagon and behind it were some trees that had changed color. So we decided it would be a great set-up for some family portraits. The guys wanted a shot together – I thought it was hilarious and so did Eli!
Joel snapped some more photos for us. He did a great job too- below was my favorite!
Eli loved being outside and he also loved his hat that my friend Jessica made him. Isn’t it cute?!

I’m hoping to use one of the photos above for our family holiday photo. Which one is your favorite?

Also this week at church we had about 16 families sign up for holiday mini-portrait sessions. I have about 8 of those family sessions and the other photographer is taking the other half.  We are so thrilled to be doing this for the Beyond US ministry team and the best news is that there are still spots open so if you haven’t signed up let me know and I can get you the info you need.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season thus far, and if you haven’t yet – go ahead give it a sniff. I’m telling you fall is in the air!

F a c e b o o k